Waste Management

RECOFRADES offers environmental solutions oriented for Industry, Commerce and Services, based on a technical and detailed analysis of waste. These are carefully classified in accordance with the European Waste List.


Our Company provides an integrated waste management service, which encompasses several operations such as:


Preliminary Analysis

Identify conditions, characterize and classify according to the European Waste List.

Packaging and Transportation

Provide containers or compactors that allow adequate packaging of the waste. Use appropriate vehicles for timely and safe transportation.

Reception and Weighing

Validation of the loads received in the facilities and weighing of the materials transported.


Separation of the different types of waste, by type and category, in order to provide a correct separation of materials.


Industrial equipment is used: Baler for the production of large bales, of paper and cardboard or flexible plastic; Hard plastic shredding machine.

Recovery / Reuse

The materials go to final destinations that allow their recovery, either through recycling, with the production of new products, or through their reuse for the same or alternative purposes.

Typology of major wastes


Paper: documents, cardboard, magazines, lepperpress
Cardboard: Packaging


Flexible: Colour film – Crystal film
Rigid: PE AD – PE BD – PP – PVC – PS – PET – PMMA – PC – ABS


Packaging (pallets / boxes)


Ferrous, Non-ferrous



File Shredding

RECOFRADES provides a professional service for the destruction of any type of archival paper and other documents, from various public and private entities: Courts, Finance Office, Police, GNR, schools, banks, post offices and companies.


The process of destruction of the paper files / documents is carried out with the use of a shredding equipment, and the Client can watch while the process is being carried out. Subsequently, the resulting material is baled and integrated into the recycling chain.


Upon completion of the work, RECOFRADES issues a Certificate of Destruction of the documentation in question.

Pallet Recovery

RECOFRADES service for the reuse of damaged pallets.


Damaged pallets undergo a process of recovery, so that they can be used again for storage and transportation of goods.


After a inspection confirming that the pallets have the necessary characteristics to be reused, they are re-introduced into the market.

Logistics Service

The capacity of transportation is decisive in providing a quality service to the Customer. For this reason, RECOFRADES has lorries equipped with Ampliroll System for Polibenne containers, in order to ensure a regular and tailored collection according to the customer’s needs.

The services provided for the collection and transport of waste are planned in order to optimise the management of resources and the equipment placed at the Client’s premises. It has always been RECOFRADES ‘concern to reduce the costs associated with logistics, as well as to minimize the environmental impact.

Means of Waste Disposal

RECOFRADES has a wide range of waste packaging facilities, which uses various containers and waste compacting equipment best suited to the requirements and needs of the Customer.

The packaging methods are selected together with the Customer to enable best waste separation practices at the sites of their production in order to reduce processing costs and maximize recycling efficiency.

Typologies of Packaging: 30 m3 Containers, Compactors, Big-Bags.

Recycling Operations Center

The activities of reception, sorting, processing and storage of waste are carried out in an industrial unit located in the Industrial Estate of Oliveira de Frades.

The Operations Center is designed to meet the legal requirements of the activity, as well as to allow a larger storage capacity, so as to be able to meet the peaks of demand of our Customers.

These facilities are equipped with industrial machines used to process paper, cardboard and plastic, so as to prepare the waste according to its category and to obtain its best environmentally sound recovery.